Meet Kate
Kate DeBlander began her Mary Kay business in April, 1991. Before Mary Kay, Kate and her husband Dave owned a Natural Food Bakery and Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. Kate, “naturally” wore no makeup!

In 1990, Kate and Dave and their daughter Kali, who was 14 at the time, moved to Pensacola, Florida because Dave wanted to attend a bible college. Kate was looking for something to do to make extra money. She says, “I was sick of being broke!”  The natural food business had never been very profitable, and Kate was ready for a change.  She never imagined that change would come in the form of a Mary Kay career!

Kate’s sister in law, Cathy DeBlander Wolf, who lives in Ohio, came to Florida for a visit and shared about the Mary Kay opportunity. Kate loved the flexibility, because she wanted to be home for Kali. She was also very attracted to the earning potential. She had used Mary Kay skin care products in the past, and thought it was a good product. Some of Kate’s concerns were  that she didn’t wear makeup and she didn’t know very many people in Pensacola, having lived there only 9 months. She was also scared!!

 Cathy gave Kate some information to read and encouraged her to attend a local success meeting. It was a small meeting and Kate was still not sure about becoming a consultant. The director of the meeting did Kate a great service though, she loaned her a copy of Mary Kay’s autobiography. Kate began reading and loved Mary Kay’s story.
Her husband, Dave, met a neighbor who was a Mary Kay consultant, and Sharon invited Kate to a different meeting. The meeting was bigger and very enthusiastic and positive. Kate got so excited she signed her agreement that night!

Kate began her Mary Kay career filled with excitement and fear! She was afraid to make phone calls, afraid to do parties, afraid to follow up, afraid to hand out cards….but she did it all anyway! She completed her new consultant assignments and never missed a success event. Slowly but surely, she learned to how book, sell and recruit. September 1, 1992 Kate earned her first career car, while boarding up her house for Hurricane Andrew!  Kate became a sales director January 1, 1993.

Kate continued to advance up the career path and began earning trips, diamonds and pink Cadillacs! She became a National Sales Director July 1, 2005. Kate entered NIQ( National in Qualification) while displaced from her home, due to Hurricane Ivan! She held her National Debut in Pensacola Beach in August of 2005. The next day she was boarding up her house for Hurricane Katrina!

Despite all the hurricanes and other obstacles Kate has overcome in her Mary Kay career, the blessings have been so abundant. One of the most special blessings has been Kate’s daughter, Kali, joining her business June 21, 1999. The date was special because it was Dave and Kate’s 23rd wedding anniversary, and Kali signed her agreement as an anniversary gift! Today, Kali is a top director with Mary Kay, and Kate loves sharing this career with her daughter. Kali and her husband Josh are featured in the Mary Kay DVD “Imagine the Possibilities.”
Kate and Dave have traveled the world with Mary Kay….England, Scotland, France, Italy, Austria, Scandinavia, Russia, Greece, and Australia. Kate is currently driving her 10th free car with Mary Kay, her 8th pink Cadillac, the beautiful XLR that has a price ticket of almost $90,000! Kate has earned well over $1,000,000 in commissions in her Mary Kay career and is working on her 2nd Million!

As Kate looks back over her career, she says, “Dream big, because dreams do come true in Mary Kay. Get started, be willing to learn and work, and never, never, never give up! With Mary Kay, you can live the life you imagine!”